Monster Minion


A spooky twist on a favourite design! This monstrous minion is the perfect cake for any Halloween party!

The classic yellow Minion with blue dungarees has been re-animated into this living dead version with green skin, stitched skin and bolts in his neck!



Here at Designer Cakes By Paige we love Halloween! It’s really a chance to push the boundaries of cakes and make things a bit weirder and creepier!

Situated in the West End of Glasgow we can create the perfect cake for your Halloween party. Whether it’s fun and spooky or gross and gory we can make it!

This 6″ minion has a polystyrene dummy** on the bottom for height and is then stacked with 4 layers of tasty sponge on top.

This cake would get up to 15* tall portions or – as it’s 4 layers tall – if each portion was then cut in half it would double the portions.


*Portion sizes are based on 1″ by 2″ squares.

**Cake should be removed from polystyrene before serving.