Run With Sean Face Cake

Every now and then something random happens here at Designer Cakes By Paige and this year has certainly been exciting!!!

We were asked to make a cake for Sean Conway, who together with the Discovery Channel was running the length of the country. We were asked to make a cake and at the last minute (after it was completed) an injury meant he had to cancel and wouldn’t arrive in Glasgow in time. However a day later we randomly saw him running down the road – and so of course we decided to leg it after him!!

He was amazed when he saw it. We think its a great likeness don’t you?! After it was presented, we donated it to the Yorkhill Children’s Hospital. After working with the hospital for some time, we couldn’t think of anywhere better to send it. Everyone needs a bit of cake now and then!

 2CD5CDE1-BD2C-4249-935A-F09FAF0789B9 Sean Conway 0AA2A3E3-A069-4BA3-9DFE-FE6C619D8370

We can create all sorts of face cakes for corporate events and as funny birthday cakes! Please call us and we can quote for your event xxx

To find out a bit more about Sean Conway and the discovery channel please click here or #runwithsean on Twitter

To find out a bit more about the Yorkhill Children’s Charity please click here

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